markLaw was born in Hong Kong, China.

He is a multimedia creative artist known for his paintings and design works. He started his career in the design industry in 2000. markLaw has worked as art director in various design and advertising agencies and as a tutor of web design for advanced diploma courses at the Hong Kong School of Design from 2010 to 2012. At present, Marketing Content Creator and Oil painting sketch drawing instructor.

markLaw was director of the short-film “Feel the Love, Feel the Praisage“, unit dramas for the Investor Education Centre and he was involved of the movie “The Dark Knight“, “Overheard 2“, “Christmas Rose” and “Meow“. He has also been invited to participate in media-wide cooperation that included publication such as “Crazy Sticker” by the international design magazine NewWebPick and the production of garage kit for the Four Seas Mercantile Holdings Ltd during the Hong Kong Brands Week by the Hong Kong Design Centre.

In addition, he has obtained favourable results in various competitions by utilising his creativity. The areas he is involved are graphic design, website design, character design, commercial illustration, story-board and Garage Kit production. In recent years, he has devoted himself to painting and sculpture.

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